Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hello 2008. I'm hoping that this goes better in the New Year than it has in the past. I started with taking the summer off to spend more time with the boys and it worked out that I took the rest of the year off!!

I had a great end of 2007, I went to NY Sheep and Wool and did a lot of knitting and I just couldn't start blogging again. It was like when you don't call someone and then it goes on for so long that you feel odd if you just called and then it becomes this strange circle. Anyway, I'm going to at least post twice a week for 2008. I'm planning a lot of knitting this year and I'm also learning to spin. I don't think anyone can get out of Rhinebeck not wanting to own a spinning wheel and a whole stash of roving. So the first goal is some handspun and a BSJ for my cousin.

Thanks. D