Monday, June 28, 2010

I love to sew!!!

A long time ago, before B and I got married I used to sew a lot. I sewed quilts and loved it. I went on vacation to MV and when I got back B had converted part of his house into a sewing room for me. He painted the walls the color of the sky in MV and it was perfect. I could sew for hours, listening to my music or watching the little television he put in the room for me. It was wonderful.

I forgot how much I love to sew! I had some major sewing machine drama but here are the results! Napkins!!!!!

I'm working on reducing the family's carbon footprint, and found this great tutorial online and here they are:

And with a little mood lighting! I can't wait to sew some more.

Oh, the tutorial is on this amazing blog sewtakeahike: linen napkins {a tutorial} I love it!