Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inside Out...and a quilt preview

I am participating in Free Spirit Knits e-course "Inside Out" (you can find info here). The e-course is amazing. I have really enjoyed the first week. I am not sitting in judgement of myself, which is nice for a change. There is a lot of creative play and I had forgotten how much I liked cutting words out of magazines. I know we all did it in junior high and high school. We would sit for hours, making posters for ourselves and for friends. It was fun then (with the rubber cement high) and is fun now (without the rubber cement). I will be continuing this weekend, moving into paints!!!!

I also wanted to preview a new project that am working on. I will be finishing this week, so completed project will make its debut sometime next week. Until then....

I know, really pretty. I love this fabric combination! The cool tones of the gray with the pop of pink and fuschia. Girly without being "my little pony". I love all of the fabric lines that are represented and will get you a list. I purchased from Poppy Seed Fabric and

Next post is the quilt I made for my husband, my own design and everything. The weather has been so terrible here that I couldn't get a decent picture. So today is a beautiful sunny (albeit snowy) day and My family will be outside holding that quilt up to the sun. (Have I mentioned that I really miss the other seasons of the year. I mean a mom can only make so much hot chocolate!!!!!)

There is another soul in this house who enjoys the sunshine.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I live in Connecticut and we had (according to the news) 30" of snow. I love definitive snow. Snow that keeps you in the house for the day (or in this case two days) school is cancelled, there are no activities and we are alone, the four of us in the snow.

Here is what we woke up to yesterday. (A picture of the main road I live on.)

So with all of the extra time I had, I managed to download the pictures from my camera into the computer. Here are some of the things that I have completed in December.

A quilt for a family friend's first grandchild. I backed the quilt in flannel to give it some extra weight.

A Christmas gift for my sister. We said that we wouldn't buy anything for each other and I didn't. She had given me her stash of fabric (Kaffe Fasset Paisley) that she had picked up at a quilt show. Then she realized that quilting was not her thing and gave her fabric to me. I thought about what to do with it and decided to turn it into a semi-large throw for her to snuggle under. Find my inspiration here.

(You can see my crack team of helpers. Sorry for the bad picture, I finished the binding the day after Christmas an needed to take a picture so that I could deliver the finished gift!!!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Working away.....starting an e-course. I have made a lot of items and want to show them all.

I love the print. It is from a good friend and is called "Free as Me"!!!

More soon.